Pandemic Resources

Humanitas Inc is currently in full-blown adaptation mode for these unprecedented times. We are proud to provide you with the following resources to navigate the coming months.

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Tips for Coping in Isolation

So, we’ve all had a few weeks of physical distance even isolation. 

Instead of being bored at home with it, do something valuable with your time! The key is to avoid watching the “death count” of this virus. Doing that will only depress you and add to the stress of the unknown. Stay positive and focus on Now, as opposed to worrying about a future you cannot predict. (When have you ever been able to predict the future? Not even the weather man does that well.) Develop an ‘attiude of gratitude’ that you are safe and healthy. You can also make the best of family time, bonding and being creative with how to function in isolation.

Try a few things:

Accept that we are all in the same boat, it will take all of us to stay afloat.

The only information we have is from the past, the only information we need is about the future. Unknowns have always been with us. This is no different.

Don’t let fear of the unknown overwhelm you. Use the present moment to focus on opportunities this moment brings.

You can choose to live in fear and apprehension, or you can choose to live with hope and creativity.  Which is better?

Bad things happen to good and bad people alike. But they don’t last forever!

Send important people in your life a message of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement.

Take one day at a time. Easy does it.

Offer to help your neighbours who are quarantined, by getting them groceries.

Catch up on reducing your list of household projects that are incomplete.

Fix the lights

Paint a room a different color.

Focus on what is important, realistic and worth doing.

If you have a strong feeling – share it with someone you love.

Only watch the news for one hour a day to escape the death count.

Binge watch a bit!  Catch up on the series you haven’t had time for. 

Stay positive and lead others with your optimism.

Social Distancing doesn’t have to mean Social Isolation.

Keep yourself healthy. Build daily routines and one accomplishment, each day.

An act of kindness is always a good start.

Catch up with all the friends and family you had no time for when you were working.

Don’t compare your past feelings to your present feelings.

Keep your mind active with learning something new while in isolation.

Take care of your own health – jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, do some yoga, get good sleep.  Eat and drink well.


With the increasing prevalence of the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) many routines and habits are changing, and the pandemic is having rapid and uncertain effects on both counselling and adult education routines and plans. At this point there is no reason to panic, but precautions are wise. In our counselling office here at Humanitas, clients have been asking about how this pandemic could affect their counselling appointments. 

We are offering our clients access to counselling services by phone. For those who drive some distance, or use public transportation this might be especially useful. Clients who live in other provinces may find this a good option also. 

This service will allow pilot assistants to make referrals and be confident that the pilot or flight attendant can easily and quickly access direct service. Because of our client load, we will schedule individuals or couples on a first contact, first come basis. 

Tele-Counselling sessions will be scheduled for 50 minutes at $165 + HST per session. Please call 416 674-5592 and leave a voice mail or email to arrange your first appointment. We will respond to you within 48hrs. Payments must be made prior to each session by electronic transfer. Insurance coverage for sessions must be worked out between the client and their insurance carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What kind of counselling is available?

Brief Solution Focused Counselling, Individual Counselling, Couple and Relationship Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

2. How do I refer a peer for counselling?                                                

Simple – just have the peer phone to book an appointment (416 674-5592). We will respond within 48hrs.

3. What if it is an emergency?                                                                    

The individual may need to go to a medical clinic or call a local help line for urgent care.

4. Who provides the counselling?                                                              

Our counsellors are Registered Psychotherapists in the province of Ontario.

5. What about costs and payment?

Tele-Counselling sessions will be scheduled for 50 minutes at $165 + HST per session and is covered by most insurance plans. Fees are due prior to the appointment, and may be paid by email money transfer.

Neurofeedback Remote Training

Humanitas Inc. is also offering a home training Neurofeedback system for those that wish to train during times of social distancing. The equipment will be mailed to your location and set up instructions and progress monitoring will be done online via email and telephone conferencing.